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Twitpic’s Fail Whale fails poorly when too many people are connected Show larger image

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The Next Apple Phone: iPhone OG

Images obtained on the Internet seem to indicate a patent being filed and awarded for an Apple phone. No work from Apple Computers about this “old school” throwback design.  Some call it retro, others call it totally rad and gnarly. … Continue reading

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Terraforming continues

Terraforming continues, originally uploaded by powell_steve. apparently i’m in charge of breaking up the big clumps with my shovel. Also, he’s now stuffing his mailbox with doormail coupons.

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Mikey can play the trumpet vine

Mikey can play the trumpet vine, originally uploaded by powell_steve. Never had one lesson

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Mikey made a mailbox

Mikey made a mailbox, originally uploaded by powell_steve. Mike and Aunt Shelly built this last night in the dirt pile.

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Sarah Palin’s Online Newsletter Completely Broken, Coincidence?

So a colleague twitters that Sarah Palin’s Gubernatorial Newsletter website is completely broken. By the way, the FakeSarahPalin twitter account is hilarious! Google only finds the broken site and all the cached versions are also broken. Ah, but Yahoo has … Continue reading

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Putting up shelves

Putting up shelves, originally uploaded by powell_steve. gottta build some shelves to hold all his bubble solution. -Steve (from cell)

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